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Exmoor Caviar at London Farmers' Markets

Caviar at a Farmers' Market?

Farmers markets are important for a multiple number of reasons. First and foremost, they are a vital component in building local food economies by providing a cost effective, retail sales opportunity for local food producers. Also Farmers’ Markets help make farming more profitable by allowing the Farmers to cut out the middle man and make the same margins as the supermarkets, boosting their direct income. This in turn will help preserve our farmland and farmers can encourage a new generation to take up farming, ensuring that a varied offering of home-grown food items will be on our children’s plates in years to come.

Thanks to the help and support provided by London Farmers’ Markets each weekend we bring you our finest produced British Caviar and other sturgeon derived products to various markets around London. By offering our produce at the Farmers’ Markets we get to share the knowledge of our craft and have the privilege of meeting and serving our special customers on a weekend basis. Our caviar comes direct from the Farm to the Farmers’ Market meaning you can enjoy farm fresh produce straight away for your London brunch.

Yes, Exmoor Caviar is a different type of product to your traditional cabbage, eggs, or meat that you would expect to find at a find at a market, but our purpose of being is aiming to bring a touch of luxury and also educating our customers by helping them to see ‘Caviar’ for how we believe it should be seen. It is a luxury item with a higher price point that most other products on offer at a Farmer’s Market but the price tag is for a reason, it is an artisanal produced product which takes years of fish husbandry and nurturing and knowhow to produce. We are proudly British product and appreciate the support that London Farmers’ Markets gives us as a small local business.

Which Markets to Find us at

We can already be found at the following Farmer’s Markets in London:

  • Pimlico

  • Marylebone

  • Notting Hill

  • Queens Park

  • South Kensington

Don’t worry if you have not found our caviar at your local market yet, we are always keeping an eye out for new opportunities to run further stalls. We are always looking to recruit new members to join our team and we want to expand faster and go into more markets across London. Our aim will then be to franchise our stalls throughout the country meaning that Exmoor Caviar could be close to you sooner than you think.

You can find us underneath a 3x3M black stall with our brand name ‘Exmoor Caviar’ proudly written across the front and a banner with the company’s logo at the rear backdrop of the stall. Upon arrival you will be greeted with a friendly welcome and we will gladly answer any of the questions you have about caviar and tell you our story.

On further inspection of the stall will notice the array of tins gently laid inclining in size across a sleek black table cloth on the front table which shows the customer what size they are looking at, also acting as a graph from 10g to 1kg being a good medium for deciding what is the best amount for them to buy. Our stand is big, black, gold and hard to miss.

Do please drop us a line to suggest Farmers’ Markets or Farm Shops/Delicatessens where you would like to see our caviar offering so we can approach them directly, our email address is

Our Products on offer

The main product that is on offer at the markets is our Exmoor Cornish Salted Caviar. The sizes that we sell our Exmoor in is 10g, 20g, 30g, 50g, 125g, and 250g. Prices start from £20 for a 10g tin. We do have bigger tins available to buy, but these would have to be pre-ordered in if you would like to collect it at one of our market outposts or we can ship it direct to you via same day courier in London or overnight courier throughout the UK.

Another fabulously fishy product we sell is our Hot Smoked sturgeon. Part of being a sustainable company, we believe that it is best to use as much of the fish as possible as any waste would simply be a waste. Sturgeon meat, with its firm textured meat and high level of natural oils is ideal for smoking. Smoked Sturgeon is somewhat like a smoked eel, however it offers much better value for money.

Immensely popular at the Farmers’ Markets is our Caviar Salt. The salt is made with 20% real caviar which is mixed in with the very same Cornish Sea Salt that we use to flavour and preserve our caviar. This adds a depth of Caviar flavour and a black to grey colour to the salt, the combination of which adds a marvellous appearance to finish to any dish

Finally, there is our unique Pure Caviar Oil. Pure Caviar oil is an unctuous oil that is crisp and fresh with a smooth buttery taste. There is no fishiness to the oil, just a rich and smooth flavour as you would expect in Caviar itself. It is rich in Oleic and Linoleic Acid, and includes all 3 fatty acids, ALA, EPA, and DHA. Patterned in 64 countries as of today, this is a world first. Expect to see this at many other top retailers soon.

Try Before You Buy

Perhaps you just want a little taste or do not feel the need to purchase a whole tin this week. We offer wonderful Caviar Tasters which change on a weekly basis, your Exmoor Caviar may either be served in a Croustade with Creme Fraiche & Chives or atop half a hard-boiled Quails Egg. If you do not want that little snack you can try the caviar in the traditional manner straight off a Mother of Pearl Spoon or off the back of your hand.

Whichever way your taste buds desire to sample it, you will get 5g of the finest British caviar which is a decent tasting size that allows you to try and we will talk you through the flavour profiles in it and finer details of the caviar identifying what it is that makes Caviar the most highlighted addition to any meal.

Transporting My Caviar

In case you were wondering, great that I can buy it but how can I get it home without spoiling it? You’ll be able to take your Caviar home with no problem as each tin sold comes with a reusable silver chiller bag for you to transport the goods around to ensure your sturgeon roe makes it to your fridge at home without being affected by a rise in temperature.

We hope to see you soon...

Written By William Benning

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