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Exmoor Caviar

Our Story

About Us: About Us


Exmoor Caviar was established by Kenneth Benning in 2010. After many years of working with caviar farms across Europe and beyond he made his dream a reality by launching the UK’s first British Caviar farm.

In 1324, King Edward II decreed the sturgeon a royal fish and any found within the realm were deemed property of the monarch. Prior to starting on his pioneering British Caviar journey, special permission was sought from HM The Queen to farm the royal fish. Exmoor Caviar received a letter from Buckingham Palace confirming that Her Majesty would not extend her royal prerogative and that the sturgeon at the Exmoor Caviar farm would indeed be their own. We have previously supplied our caviar to Buckingham Palace as well as to Chequers.

Exmoor Caviar set out to produce a British product of such high calibre that it would satisfy the most discerning of palates. Today limited-edition batches of Exmoor Caviar now rival the farmed caviar imported into the UK and can be seen on Michelin Starred menus throughout the UK, currently supplying the kitchens of no less than 67 Michelin Stars. Our customers include The Fat Duck, The Ledbury and The Araki, all of who have been supporters of ours since the beginning of our journey.

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