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By Special order only.

Exmoor Caviar Vodka

Caviar and Vodka have gone hand in hand for generations.


Produced for Exmoor Caviar in the EU with finest single grain column distilled wheat vodka. Artisanally blended with patented Pure Sturgeon Caviar Oil and Natural Mineral Water creating a silky smooth finish.


Exmoor Caviar has perfected the infusion of our globally patented Pure Caviar Oil, with a single estate Vodka base (93%ABV). The combination of these ingredients creates an exclusive vodka containing all the natural vitamins and minerals naturally contained within caviar itself.


Our Caviar Vodka will certainly disrupt your expected sensory experience, with an opulent and decadent mouthfeel; an explosion on your palate. But it's also a delicate drink, with the smoothness of caviar coming through, bringing to the fore complex buttery notes of Exmoor Caviar which gives this exquisite vodka an unrivalled smooth finish.

Unlike other Caviar Vodka drinks available today, where the vodka spirit simply contains a minimal ‘essence’ of caviar flavouring, our Caviar Vodka is made with Pure Caviar Oil. It will be, quite possibly the perfect pour to pair with your caviar of choice. In essence the finest 'Dirty' Vodka Martini you will ever have.


Best Served Straight from the Freezer.

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