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Caviar and Vodka have gone hand in hand for generations.


Over last three years Exmoor Caviar has perfected the infusion of novel filtered Caviar Water, with a single estate Vodka base (93%ABV) and Exmoor National Park fresh water (drawn from the Devonian shale and slate rock formations). 

Our Caviar Vodka product began its story back in 2017, when our sister company Caviar Biotec worked out how to extract the physical moisture from caviar, and coupled with experienced visionary minds in the culinary and spirits world, Caviar Vodka came to life.

Our Caviar Vodka is a unique globally patented (47 countries). We simply combine the finest of vodka spirit with our unique Caviar Water ingredient, containing all the natural vitamins and minerals that are contained within granular caviar naturally, and combine the with Exmoor National Park water.

And unlike other Caviar Vodka drinks available today, where the vodka spirit simply contains a minimal ‘essence’ of caviar flavouring, our Caviar Vodka is made 'literally' with caviar water itself.

Our Caviar Vodka will certainly disrupt your expected sensory experience, with an opulent and decadent mouthfeel; an explosion on your palate. But it's also a delicate drink, with the smoothness of caviar coming through, bringing to the fore complex buttery notes with a smooth finish coupled with the ancient minerals that are drawn from untouched depths of the Exmoor National Park.

We have created an unprecedented infusion. It will be, quite possibly, the finest Vodka martini you will ever have!

To be exclusively launched at Harrod’s this year, another ‘world first’ from Exmoor Caviar (we were also the first caviar farm in the UK, in just under 700 years, due to Royal decree).