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Exmoor Caviar
Brand Ambassadors

As a celebration of a Decade of Exmoor Caviar we have selected 3 longstanding members of our Exmoor Caviar Family to represent our British Brand.


Introducing our new Brand Ambassadors

Brad Carter - Carters of Moseley *

Ollie Dabbous - Hide *

Niall Keating - Lunar 

Brand Ambassador Recipes

Our Caviar. Their Inspiration

Each of our Brand Ambassadors has told us why they choose Exmoor Caviar as their Caviar supplier of choice and has been working closely behind the scenes with us to create bespoke and playful dishes, highlighting the versatility of our product range whilst keeping in line with their own individual and personal style of cooking.

Recipes coming soon...

Brand Ambassador Montage_edited.jpg
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