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Drinks to be served with Exmoor Caviar

Updated: May 12, 2020

There are two drinks synonymous with caviar - vodka and champagne. Both of these pair very well in our opinion. How and where you’re enjoying your caviar though may sway the preference from one to the other.

Champagne is certainly the more elegant choice for some pre-dinner canapes, and completes the indulgence of luxury quaffing. Champagne also pairs so well with oysters, crab and lobster (three very good friends of caviar), so is a natural partner if you are using caviar to garnish a dinner party starter.

Vodka, which must be icy cold, offers a different pleasure. The mix of the rich, oily caviar washed down with the crisp punch of the vodka is more Ford Mustang than Ferrari, but just as much fun. The balance is perfect and cleanses the palette ready for the next spoonful. Eating the caviar clean, off the back of the hand with nothing else is the purest and best way to enjoy this. Think of it as the best tequila slammer you’ve ever had.

There are plenty of other drinks that will compliment caviar. Cold, dry Sake is very good, as are most white wines you would naturally think of with seafood. White burgundies for something rounded and creamy to compliment the nutty notes of some caviars work really well, whereas a crisp New Zealand Sauvignon for a crisper, cleaner finish.

As with all foods, the flavour profiles in caviar can vary with some nuttier, some more briny, some creamy and some more subtle. Please read our post of different types of caviar for more detailed tasting notes. This is something to consider when making your pairing, but some suggestions for our range below:

  • Exmoor Caviar Cornish Salted- young, crisp champagne like Veuve Cliquot, or Nyetimber for a great British wine

  • Exmoor Caviar Baerii- Good quality, ice cold vodka of your preference

  • Exmoor Caviar Royal Beluski- Crisp dry white wine

  • Exmoor Caviar Imperial Oscietra- Any big white Burgundy, rounded and deep

  • Exmoor Caviar Imperial Beluga- Rich, older champagnes like Dom Perignon. Also good with vodka

Written by Harry Ferguson

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