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National Caviar Day

July 18th is National Caviar Day

To celebrate we are offering our Oscietra Caviar, normally reserved for our Chef customers, at a very special price:

50g for £80

125g for £200

Our exclusive Exmoor Caviar Luxury Caviar Crisps make the perfect pairing to your preferred type of Exmoor Caviar. Not to be confused with other Caviar Crisps on the market, our luxury crisps are made with real Pure Caviar Oil.

Make sure to add a pack, or two, to your next order of Exmoor Caviar.

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Fine natural Cornish Sea Salt

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Exmoor Caviar started life (2012) in the foothills of the Exmoor National Park, drawing from 40 million litres of fresh Devonshire water, naturally filtered through slate, shale and sandstone, that passed through the farm every day. The sturgeon fish were allowed to grow at the pace that nature intended in this fresh cool mineral water. The clean and natural delicate flavours of the caviar enhanced by locally harvested Cornish Sea Salt formed the bedrock to the ethos and following of this truly unique British brand.

Exmoor Caviar can now be seen on the menus of the UK's restaurants that hold more than 100 Michelin Stars.


From humble beginnings of the original farmed Siberian Sturgeon in Devon, Exmoor Caviar now farms caviar the world over, working with our partner farms producing beautiful caviar (Beluga, Oscietra, Beluski (Hybrid) and even the rare Golden Almas Caviar).

Sustainability, quality and craftmanship formed the core values of Exmoor Caviar. Other products farmed include sturgeon meat, both fresh and smoked, as well as retail products such as Caviar Crisps and Caviar Vodka.


Since 2017, the team behind Exmoor Caviar have developed globally patented caviar oil extraction processes for the production of nutraceutical and cosmeceutical applications of Pure Caviar Oil. Recent studies have highlighted the true Power of Caviar


Exmoor Caviar is 'the' luxurious original British culinary delicacy, formed from a rare and exquisite founding, taking natural and sustainable heritage; and  has grown to become a world brand leader representing only the finest caviar.


Exmoor Caviar are proud members of Walpole since 2017.

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