Sustainability at Exmoor Caviar

Sustainability is a key pillar to our brand’s success and as such we ensure minimal wastage and use the whole fish. The sturgeon meat is sold fresh and we also offer both hot and cold smoked sturgeon. Our Smoked Sturgeon can be seen on the menus of Claude Bosi at Bibendum and Alex Dilling at The Greenhouse among others.

Using any broken caviar eggs, we have created a Caviar Infused Sea Salt which has proven popular with chefs such as Brett Graham at The Ledbury. This product was used in a recent collaboration with Chantal Coady OBE at Rococo Chocolates through which we created some spectacular Caviar Salt Infused Chocolate Pearls.

A further very exciting new product that we have developed with our sister company Caviar Biotec is our Pure Caviar Oil. This is produced alongside the main caviar production and ensures once again the usage of any waste created through the caviar production process. This is an edible oil that we hope will become a staple in luxury larders globally, it pairs beautifully with light fish dishes and salads, lacing these with a rich buttery caviar taste.

We were recently fortunate enough to have been invited by Michelin to sponsor the Michelin Guide’s Revelation for UK & Ireland 2019. As well as presenting our caviar and smoked sturgeon to the chefs present, we also took the opportunity of this phenomenal platform to launch the world’s first Pure Caviar Oil.


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