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About Exmoor Caviar

Our founding Classic Cornish Salted Caviar is still made with only the finest Cornish Sea Salt, the preferred choice of many of our Michelin Starred chefs. The addition of this naturally produced sea salt rather than standard food grade salt lends itself perfectly to our caviar and brings out the renowned clean and creamy taste of Exmoor Caviar. 

Exmoor Caviar can now be seen gracing the menus of over 100 Michelin Stars here in the UK. In 2017 we merge with the long established UK caviar importer and distributor Shah Caviar, who source caviar lines from the finest caviar farms from around the world.

Our carefully selected caviar offering now includes:
Exmoor Caviar Cornish Salted, Acipenser Baerii
Imperial Beluga Caviar, Huso Huso
Imperial Oscietra Caviar, Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii
Baerii Caviar, Acipenser Baerii
Royal Beluski Caviar, Huso Dauricus x Acipenser Schrenckii
Golden Almas, Acipenser Ruthenus

In addition to this fabulous line up, working with some of the country's top chefs, we have developed in recent times three new exciting varieties of Exmoor Caviar:

Molton Gold, speckled with 23ct Edible Gold Leaf
Smoked Caviar, laced with gently Smoked Pure Caviar Oil
Kombu Caviar, laced with Pure Caviar Oil infused with Kombu Seaweed
We aim to offer our customers full transparency on the type of caviar in the tin and as such have chosen to list the sturgeon species name on the top label of each tin of caviar. The country of provenance is listed on the

CITES label on the base of the tin. 


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