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Exmoor Caviar - Golden Almas

Sturgeon: RUT - Acipenser Ruthenus - Sterlet Albino

Country of Origin: Germany

Egg Size: 2.6-2.8mm

Colour: Golden Yellow


Almas is a term meaning diamond, referring to the colour and rarity of the caviar. Our Golden Almas is striking in it’s colour, delivering a delicately rich creaminess and medium salinity. This caviar can act as a real show stopped in appearance.


About Golden Almas Caviar

Originally reserved only for the Tsars and Shahs of Iran & Russia, this caviar is still highly sought after.


Caviar Pairing Notes

This caviar is a great addition to sushi and sashimi, not only complimenting the fish but adding some drama to the plate too. 

Exmoor Caviar - Golden Almas 10g to 500g

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