The perfect addition to your Exmoor Caviar and Blinis. With so many uses, this is a great staple for your luxury larder.


Longley Farm Crème Fraîche

Our Crème fraîche is made with pasteurised cows' milk to which a culture is added, this thickens the cream to give a distinctive sharp flavour. 


Serving Suggestions

A perfect addition to your Exmoor Caviar Service. Crème fraîche is an excellent cream for cooking, especially rich savoury sauces and soups, because it does not curdle when heated. It can also be served as an alternative to cream with fresh fruits or desserts.


Product Information

Crème Fraîche, 200g Chilled. No added colour, preservative or stabiliser. Suitable for: Vegetarians, Gluten Free.

Longley Farm Crème Fraîche