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As seen in The Telegraph Luxury, article by Ben McCormack 

Would you feed your dog caviar? The rise of Michelin doggy dining and other extravagant canine treats

At £50 a tin, 'Dogviar' is a pricey treat. But it's just the beginning of a whole world of lavish canine living

ByBen McCormack

18 April 2021

Sturgeon caviar is revered the world over, and it is well known that the sturgeon roe contains unique human health benefits. The sturgeon's caviar is not only consumed as a delicacy, but nowadays it is also added as an ingredient within the worlds most luxury cosmetics due to its natural skin enhancing and firming properties.

Harnessing all this goodness  (but excluding the extra added salt content), Exmoor Caviar has created a brand new pet treat kibble, naturally coated in Pure Caviar Oil. This luxury pet treat is not only rich in key natural healthy fish oils (Omega 3,6 & 9) helping maintain your well loved pets  shining coat, it is also scientifically proven to be great for their heart, brain and eye health as well.

'Caviar goodness from within'...

At Exmoor Caviar we produce this very exclusive product to order, bespoke, and therefore ensure absolute freshness of our pet treats. We are happy to discuss all of our customers ideas, or use preferred choice of pet treat kibbles, or we can supply a selection of different choices depending on your preference, size, flavour and taste. It is a fully personalised luxury pet treat service.


Dogviar will launch officially in the coming weeks and currently we are taking pre-orders.

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