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Caviar Pearls

Pure 'Caviar Oil' health supplement


World Exclusive, Caviar Pearls

Our unique 'Caviar Pearls' food supplements contains 100% Pure Caviar Oil derived only from sturgeon placenta (the natural bi-product of farmed caviar production).


Pure Caviar Oil is truly an unctuous oil,  crisp and fresh, with a real smooth buttery taste that only real Caviar has.  Whats more it is nearly odorless with no dreaded fish oil repeats, as you certainly expect from a good quality Caviar. 

Each Caviar Pearl (300mg) contains oodles of natural Oleic and Linoleic Acid, supporting a healthy Mediterranean Diet, and includes all of the three key fatty acids (ALA, EPA and DHA) for a health body function (heart, brain and skin), as well patent pending unique bio-active enzymes that have significant anti-inflammatory properties.    


Nowadays 'all' sturgeon are farmed within fresh enclosed waterbodies, and therefore the Caviar Pearls are also free of any heavy metals or micro-plastics

(that are unfortunately found in the many of todays marine fish oils). 


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